Bonnie Lake Creams - Home of the American Cream Draft Horse
We are located in beautiful Eastern Washington, not far from the town of  Cheney.
I found this wonderful breed of draft horse in the spring of 1995. I purchased my first cream filly from Clarance and Betsy Ziebell, that fall.  My Dad and I brought Dee home when she was four months old and for the 14 short  years of her life she was my favorite.  I ride and drive my horses, we have done parades, wagon rides, and Christmas party rides. We have gone to some fairs and the Sandpoint draft horse show. The last three years we have taken the creams to the Washington State fair. We will again be there this year, it is lot of work but fun to watch people look at the creams. Most of them have never seen one before. I am working on updating my website so please check back for new photos and information.

Moon and 2009 filly Sammie. Sammie will be staying with us as a part of my broodmare band.
Violet and Dandy 2010 foals enjoying play time. Violet is for sale.
                              Dee 1995
This was the first time I saw  Dee and it was love at first sight.
                           Dee 2009
Frankie then 2009
 Frankie now 2010 Loving that butt rub!
Areil, born May 5th 2011, about 3 hours old.
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