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     A few quality horse's and foals for sale
           A big thank you to everyone who has purchased horses from us.


Ariel, born May 5th,2011
This photo was taken at 6 months, she is a big girl. Ariel is one of the nicest filly's I have ever raised. She has the looks and the personality to go any direction. She has the pink skin, amber eye's, white mane and tail, and should be a medium cream, she will be registered with the American Cream Draft horse Association. For more information please contact us. Thank you

Lightning(front) Lucy(back)
Registered with the American Cream Draft horse Association as Tracking mare's. 
These two girls are full sister's, and will be 10 and 8 years old this year.  I have owned these two since 2006, and have used them solely as brood mare's. Both mare's are open at this time. I will only sell them together, will not sell separately. They could be used as brood mare's or trained to drive, would be a great looking team. For more information please contact us. Thank you

2012 foals for sale
Joker's Tequila Sunrise
Born: June 14,12
This girl is built like a tank,she is going to be big, a very sweet filly, she will most likely be a dark cream, but does have the pink skin and amber eyes.

Joker's Sierra Mist
Born: June 26,12
This girl is very heads up and likes to show off, would look great in the show ring. A little shy with new people but warms up fast. She should be a perfect medium cream.

Joker's Amber Champagne
Born: July 7,12
This little girl  is a sweet heart, loves attention from anyone. I think she will stay a lite cream, at this time she is not for sale.
                       Violet was born on May 17th 2010
Bottom photo: 3 months
Top photo: fall of 2011, year and half old
She is out of a tracking mare,Lucy and my stallion Joker.This girl is as sweet a filly as you could want, she moves out well and would look great in the show ring. I think she will be tall as both her sire and dam are over 16 hands. She should be a medium cream, she has the amber eyes, pink skin and white mane and tail. She is registered. For more information please contact us. Thank 
you  SOLD Thank you

Lilly   (pictured below)
Lilly is a coming four year old American Cream/ Paint cross filly. She is a big stout girl that has the size and ability to go just about any direction. I think this girl would do best with women as she is kinda sensitive to peoples moods. If you would like more information on Lilly please contact us.
Thank You

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